FBIde - #1 editor for FreeBASIC

FBIde is one of the most popular and oldest editors for the FreeBASIC programming language. It has a simple, clutter free interface that lets you concentrate on your awesome ideas and projects without getting in your way!


FBIde bundle contains outdated version of FreeBASIC (0.23.0). The latest version is 1.10.1 . New package is in the oven and should be here shortly.
Meanwhile we recommend downloading FBIde and FreeBASIC seperately.

Website redesign

25. March 2012

Hello and welcome to the brand new website for FBIde!

Thanks everyone for help and ideas. I am planning to do regular updates and post new content, news, etc. soon. So stay tuned!

On the FBIde side I am glad to say that I am making inroads to restart the project with fresh focus. I can't yet give any specifics, but I hope to have a beta version out this year. I know its a long time, but it is a major rewrite and requires a lot of work. You can always encourage and motivate me by sending me ideas, suggestions etc.


FBIde is an open source IDE for FreeBASIC compiler. It allows you to edit the source code and then compile it right from within the FBIde without any need to use the command line.


  • Compile & run with just 1 click
  • Autoformat your code
  • Automatice code indentation
  • Configurable syntax highlighting
  • Has translations in 18 languages
  • Compile error reporting
  • Code browser with search
  • Source code export into HTML
  • Integrated file browser
  • Context sensitive FreeBASIC help
  • Block comment & uncomment